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Maths Games

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Maths Games

Maths Games


G-learning for math uses competitive drills, either pitting the students against each other or getting them to challenge themselves in order to stimulate them to learn math better. These games often have a fantasy component that engages players in a math learning action through a plot. In order to create a actually educational math game, the teacher needs to make sure that learning the objects is essential to scoring and winning.


Not only does the incorporation of Math learning with gaming make aath learning more fun; it also: 1) Motivates students to study math, 2) Immerses them in the substance so they learn math more efficiently, 3) Encourages them to learn math from their mistakes and errors.


To integrate math education and game play: 1) Work out how to give students rewords for accomplishing certain goals in a math lesson plan, 2) Decide on rewards for the victors, 3) Develop game components, 3) Do trial test for th math game before you use it.


Some important concerns in using game for math learning include: 1) What makes a good math game?, 2) Playing fair and reasonable grades and games. Below is the list of PBS Maths Games ( Play any of the games below!


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I simply love the math games

I simply love the math games because it boosts our thinking level and gives us some knowledge too. The share the videos which I watch before I play the game and I play the games online.