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Math News 11/15/2012

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Math News 11/15/2012
Reinventing Math Class
About one quarter of Washoe County's 3rd-through 5th-graders aren't meeting proficiency in math, and although that is an improvement from previous years, the learning gap inspired a local professor to rethink the subject. Dr. Teruni Lamberg teaches ...
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Palindromes, story problems abound at Math Day
Lincoln Journal Star
But they figured out plenty of other math problems that would have stymied some of the smartest mathematicians during the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's 23rd annual Math Day. Like this one: On May 1, April puts $1 in the bank. Every day, she puts in ...
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3D Superhero Math! How a Kent Teacher Enchants His Students & Raises Test ...
When Kent's Pine Tree Elementary School teacher, Jeromie Heath, told his 4th/5th grade class that there was only one more algebra problem left for the day, they groaned with disappointment. When does that ever happen? The kids in Mr. Heath's class love ...
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Parents need to teach the joys of math
Baltimore Sun (blog)
Parents shouldn't try to shield their kids from the hard work of getting a good education by protesting the tediousness of math. Math is not just a bunch of abstract equations, it is the language we use to describe how things work. We are surrounded by ...
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Teachers give online math textbooks a failing grade
Online math textbooks launched this year in Fairfax County Public schools are receiving harsh reviews from teachers and parents. “There was little notice of the change and little support,” wrote one educator in the comment section of a survey conducted ...
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