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Genuine Formative Assessment beyond Theory


It happens millions of times in everyday – a student produces data by working on math problems or taking math exam with unclear reason how such data will be used. But, we want such information to be helpful for students who deserve the benefits of their work. The core engine of eMathTest, Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment (CAFATM), system generates individually tailored worksheets and provides immediate feedback which indeed enables feasible formative assessments in educational practice. We believe students should be fully deserved the benefits from their own work.


Math Health beyond Math Scores


Sustainable knowledge is foremost about building up the relationship between today's learning and future journey. Beyond maximizing math scores in short term range, we want to help students obtain sustainable math knowledge which they can benefit during his/her life time. The state of the art CAFATM system finds each students' epicenters in his/her math knowledge map, and provides tailored treatments for the epicenters to make students mathematically healthy using longitudinal progress monitoring. Up your math health, not just score!


Global Alignments beyond State Standards


The eMathTest learning system is fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The system is also go beyond the Common Core State Standards (i.e., the Global Common Core Standards in MathematicsTM), having alignments in other languages/cultures such as Korean or Chinese. Our multilingual and multicultural system is not only adaptable to state's  math learning standards already established, but also helps ensure that all students are on the path to college and carrier readiness in the globalized 21st century.


Technologies for Education


We are already concerning whether educational service is fully taking advantages of the recent technological advances. We are fully committed to find technology oriented solutions, methods, and applications which can efficiently advance educational practice. Not only the system improving the accessibility via internet/online applications, but also generating adaptive assessments and tailored feedback can save huge amount of valuable time, energy, and resources for all stakeholders in education. We are mindful on the differences between what computers can do and what human beings can do.


Diminishing Gaps instead of Increasing


We believe all students should not be responsible for the given gaps/differences that they are not responsible for. And, we are committed to diminish such gaps instead of increasing them. We are developing our system to help math educational services are universally accessible and affable using the state of the art technology. Technology should not be additional barriers and/or burdens in educational practice. Let's help students to be responsible for the things they are supposed to be!